The Advantages of Booking Direct With Us

Buying Local is the travel version of Booking Direct

You may have found our Hotel on a 3rd party OTA site such as Expedia, or TripAdvisor however when it comes to booking your stay, there’s simply no better place to do it than through our very own in house Reservations Team with that personal touch.

Booking Direct with our team either by phone, email or on our website ensures you receive a whole host of benefits, see below, that you would not get elsewhere and will also save you time and money with the Best Rates. Plus get the right room type, features and location that is best for you!

You may also experience difficulties when booking with 3rd party sites when it comes to reservation changes and cancellations as these changes need to be done directly by yourself with the 3rd party sites. While travelling on the road these last minute unexpected changes can easily be avoided if your booking was direct and not through a 3rd party site such as Expedia, or TripAdvisor.

Benefits of Booking Direct with Old Orchard Inn Hotel:
  • Best Access to All Room and Suite Types: When you book direct via our website, you will enjoy access to the best available rooms not available to 3rd party sites, providing you with all of the information and access necessary to meet your needs.
  • Best Rates Guaranteed: Plus access to discounted rates for CAA/AAA memberships, Seniors, 2 or 3 night specials and more specials not offered through 3rd party sites.
  • Hotel Loyalty Rewards for rooms and extras: Members can earn free nights or other hotel extras by earning points through accommodation and dining room. Booking rooms with 3rd party sites do not earn points towards free nights. Explore Hotel Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Receive Priority Room Assignments: When final room number assignments are set for arrival we start with direct bookings first as they have more information for special requests. 3rd party sites bookings are done last as they have no options for special requests and locations.
  • Modifying Your Reservation is Easy: When you book direct, it’s easy to change your stay details. Change rate type, select new package or offering, decide to stay longer and get our 2 to 3 night rate discounts. When you book through a 3rd party site such as Expedia, or TripAdvisor you are likely unable to make last minute changes.
  • No Hidden Fees: or any hidden fees or taxes applied when you book direct on our site.
  • No Upfront Billing: Some 3rd party sites require payment upfront. When you book direct, you pay when you stay. Unless you book our advance payment discount special, not offered on 3rd party sites.
  • Secure Online Reservations: Our website utilizes and industry-leading reservation system, automatically encrypting all personal information before being transmitted online.
  • Benefit From the Personal Attention: and local expertise of our reservation personnel, helping answering your questions about local activities and getting the right accommodation room for your stay with us.
Old Orchard Inn Expedia tripadvisorFREE Wireless Internet Access in Main Hotel & Meeting Rooms.
(More specials and selections then through Expedia, or TripAdvisor)
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