Rafters Heritage Barn Lounge - Country Atmosphere

Old Orchard Inn’s Heritage Barn is a truly unique structure built in recognition of the proud agricultural history of the Annapolis Valley. Fashioned from actual barn timbers and lumber, the building features over 2700 square feet of floor space including a large dance floor. The ceilings are covered with antiques, artifacts and red lanterns for lighting while the floor is made of old bricks. The Heritage Barn is open daily for hotel guests and serves as a local Wolfville lounge for special events. The Heritage Barn is also a multi-purpose facility available for special events such as Corporate Events, CD Release Parties for bands, Fundraisers, Reunions and can be reserved through our Sales Office for a private event.


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A family owned and operated local areaWolfville lounge for over 49 years,
where guests are considered family too.